Country of Origin:


Surface Treatment :
3 candles carved in each side of the stone.

Stone :
White Marble


Stone Found at:
Antique Shop HongQiao Road, Shanghai

Date the Stone Was Found:
Nov. 2001.


State of Conservation :
Well kept

Additional Info
Peliack Yachne,daughter of Shemuel. A photograph of this stone and its whereabouts were given to the project team. Upon follow up at the antique store where the stone was supposedly located it was discovered that the stone had already been sold to a Chinese customer.
In 2003 we found that headstone was bought and keep with the Chinese Journalist Mr. Fang. It is located in his home. Mr. Fang provided to add it to the memorial site .
We learn that Mr. Fang have Peliack's headstone in his position from a dear friend and Journalist as well living in Shanghai Crystyl Mo. In the picture below all of us visiting Mr. Fang's home. Yachne Peliack died in Shanghai 1951 .

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