About Us

shanghaijewishmemorial.com wishes to thank the family of the late Mr. Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.

The Sino Judaic Institute in Stanford University.

Mr. Elan Oved, Shanghai.


The project to unearth, restore, document and create a befitting memorial for those Jewish people that lived and died in Shanghai is the work of a small and dedicated team.

Dvir Bar-Gal
Georgia Noy
Anna D’Ettorre
Mia Davids

Our project would like to acknowledge the support of the following:

Our supporters in L.A
Mrs. Sharon & Mr. Stan Joffe
Mrs. Rina & Mr. Shimon Rojany
Mrs. Betty and Mr. David Welsh

The Shanghai Jewish Community Executive Committee:
Mr. Maurice Ohana and family
Mr. Elan Oved and family
Mrs. Nurit Gabay and family
The Hoffman family:Irit, Dani and Nir

The Israeli consulate in Shanghai
Consul General Mr. Ilan Maor
Vice consul Mr. Eliav Benjamin

The Sino Judaic Institute in Stanford university.
Mr. Albert E. Dien
Prof. Vera Schwarcz
Mr. S. Ehrlich
Mrs. Rena Krasno


Wish to thank the kind Chinese people living in the villages and towns west to Shanghai who let us collect those lost headstones.

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