Country of Origin:

1882.9.? -

Surface Treatment :
Hebrew at the top then Russian and English below.

Stone :
White marble stone one column in each side.

Family Contact :
Bella Berck california


Stone Found at:
Buddhist cemetery

Date the Stone Was Found:


State of Conservation :


Additional Info
Fineland Leib son of Zvi. The stone is now located in the Buddhist cemetery in the west of Shanghai. This place use to be International cemetery until the cultural revolution of China. In 1958, all the four Jewish cemeteries in Shanghai moved to this international cemetery in the west of the city. During the cultural revolution all the western graves in this place where destoried. The headstones located in this place at the moment were placed there by the local authorities by request of the Israeli consulate of Shanghai after we showed them many lost Jewish headstones that can be found in the villages west of the city.The English scription says:"In memory of our beloved husband father and grandfather." Grandaughter Bella Lives in California. Leib Fineland died in Shanghai at the age of 57.

From the family
Leib Ben Zvi Fineland was born in Odessa, Russia on September 4, 1882. He married Eva Ilyinichna Pertzina in Odessa, Russia, on December 4, 1903. They had three sons – Simon (Sima) born December 4, 1904, Michael (Misha) born April 1, 1909 and Ilya (Ilyusha) born February 18, 1913.

In 1923, the Finelands left Odessa for Harbin, China due to extreme hardships of life during the Russian Revolution (including famine) and lack of employment for Jews. Leib Ben Zvi chose to move to Harbin because he had an older brother living there already.

In 1927, the Finelands moved from Harbin to Shanghai, China.

Leib Ben Zvi was an engineer by profession. However, he became ill at an early age (heart problems) and was unable to work. The parents lived with their sons who supported them.

The youngest son, Ilyusha Fineland, returned to Russia in 1937 and was never heard from again.

Michael Fynland, the middle son, moved to Tientsin, China in 1929. Michael was an accountant for Ed. Evans & Sons, Booksellers until 1935. That year, he established his own import-export business, M.L. Fynland Co., eventually moving the business to Shanghai in 1939. Michael maintained his import-export business until November 6, 1949 when the family, including his mother Eva Ilyinichna, immigrated to Ramat-Gan, Israel. In Israel, Michael Fynland was Deputy Chief Accountant and then Economic Adviser and Controller for El-Al Israel Airlines. In 1957, Michael and his wife, Rebecca (Riva) moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he worked in the import-export pearl business. In 1961, they moved to Toronto, Canada, where Michael was Manager of the El-Al Israel Airlines Office until his death in 1965.

Simon Fineland, the oldest son, worked in business and administrative positions for G. E. Marden Shipping Co., a British firm, till his departure from Shanghai with his family to Europe in February 1949. The family arrived in Ramat-Gan, Israel in July, 1949. In Israel, Simon worked as a Controller for El-Al Israel Airlines until his departure for Montreal, Canada in 1952. In Montreal, Simon Fineland represented El-Al Israel Airlines until his death in 1979.

Simon Fineland was married to Sonia Nessinbaum on October 19, 1927 in Shanghai and they had one daughter, Bella. Bella and her late husband, Martin, have two children, Janie and Larry, and one grandson, Danny. Bella Fineland Berkovitch now lives in Burlingame, California.

Michael Fynland was married to Rebecca (Riva) Gershenkop on April 19, 1932 in Tientsin, China. They had one daughter, Sophie. Sophie and her late husband, Joseph, have one daughter, Ruthie. Sophie Fynland Souroujon now lives in Oakland, California.

Leib Ben Zvi Fineland died in Shanghai, China (of heart failure) on June 14, 1939. Eva Ilyinichna Fineland died in Israel on August 23, 1957. Michael Fynland died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on December 19, 1965 (heart failure). Simon Fineland died in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on August 28, 1979 (heart failure).

Leib Ben Zvi was a master chess-player who played with some of the greatest players of his time. His three sons inherited their father’s love and skill in playing chess.

*NOTE: Fainland, Fynland, Fineland – interchangeable family names. In 1923, when the family arrived in Harbin, China from Odessa, Russia, the Chinese immigration authorities decided that “Fainland” or “Fynland” would be the most appropriate English translations of the Russian-language name “Fineland”. Leib Zvi and Eva Ilyinichna ended up with the name ‘Fainland”, Michael chose “Fynland” and Simon chose “Fineland”.

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