KATZ / ? unknown unknown
KATZ / ? unknown unknown

Country of Origin:


Surface Treatment :
The inscription is in Hebrew and English.

Stone :
White Stone


Stone Found at:
Buddhist cemetery

Date the Stone Was Found:


State of Conservation :
Broken and difficult to read

Additional Info
The stone was found in the Buddhist cemetery in the west of Shanghai. This place use to be International cemetery until 1958, all the four Jewish cemeteries in Shanghai moved to this international cemetery in the west of the city. During the cultural revolution all the western graves in this place where destoried. The headstones located there were placed by the local authorities at the request of the Israeli consulate of Shanghai. The stone was broken during efforts to move it. In trying to decipher the English inscription could see that the stone was erected by Joseph Katz. There is clear star of David at the top of the stone.
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