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Audrey Marcus lives in Denver Colorado

Fred Marcus memorial webpage


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Yet to be found

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Marcus's tombstone is yet to be found. 

From the family
Word from the family: Samuel Semmy Marcus was born in Berlin on February 23, 1874. He and his brother, Martin, manufactured ties under the name of Rococo. Both traveled across Europe selling the ties, Samuel covering primarily the south of Europe, while Martin worked Northern Europe. Samuel and Gertrud Kowalewsky had one son, Fritz Werner Marcus, later known as Fred, who was born in 1924.  The tie business went under in the crash of 1929. Afterward, Samuel was involved in several small businesses, and in the mid 1930s, sold insurance for the Victoria insurance company. Gertrud’s health was poor, and she died in 1938. Samuel and Fritz emigrated to Shanghai in 1939, as did Martin and his two sons, Gert and Klaus. In Shanghai, Samuel imported buttons from Japan for custom made shirts, working with a man named Mr. Wong. He died in Shanghai on May 1, 1944 and was buried in the Columbia Road Cemetery. Fred emigrated to San Francisco in 1949. His efforts to find the cemetery or the grave in 1983 and 1996 were not successful.

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