Country of Origin:


Surface Treatment :
Russian Inscription only.Star of David at the top.

Stone :
White Marble


Stone Found at:
MinZhu Village

Date the Stone Was Found:


State of Conservation :
Well kept


Additional Info
Varon Sara daughter of Abraham. We found her stone very early in our research in Nov. 2001. At that time with another stone they were about to cover a sewage pit. We asked the landlord not to use the headstone to cover the sewage pit. Few monthes later when we came to pick up these stones, we found that the landlord did not use them to cover the sewage and he was very kind to give us the two stones he hold. Sara died in Shanghai in the age of 41.

From the family
" Dear Dvir

It is quite incredible.! The stone you have is my grandmothers as my mother , Vera has a photo of the complete grave. She took this photo just prior to leaving Shanghai in 1949. She left with her father, Shimon and brother George and settled in Israel where she was married to Simon Karlikoff who also had lived in Shanghai. My brother and I were born in Israel. The family immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1955. My grandfather Shimon died in Sydney 8th July 1964. George married Mary Fligil in Israel, Mary was also from China of Russian background. They have two sons, Sam and Sol. They too live in Sydney.

My brother and I returned to Shanghai in 1995 with my parents and although we looked for the grave we could not find, it now we know why."

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