1 - In our opinion the ownership of the stones we will find belong to the families of those people who were buried in Shanghai. However we aware to the problems with ownership of the stones that may brought by the Chinese authorities. We expect that the executive committee of Shanghai’s Jewish community or the Israeli consulate In Shanghai will help to solve such possible situation.

2 - The budget for the web site as noted here is for two years of maintaining the Site. We expect that later the maintenance will be taken by one of the Jewish organizations such as the Jewish community of Shanghai, The Yotzei Sin organization in Israel, the organization etc.

3 - Salary will be paid per day of work to the following :
Dvir Bar-Gal , Translator (unknown yet), Driver and car, Restoring workers, General workers (if needed to move the stones from place to place or put them for display), Web designer , Graphic designer, Video editor.

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