Shanghai Jewish Ghetto

Edgar Budoy EDAW

A. Conceptual Plan
  1. Chinese Bamboo Trees Enclosure
    Symbolically expressed as shield or protection
  1. The Legacy
    The Themed Gardens (Faith, Joy, Love, Peace, Hope)
  1. The Community
    Restored and Recovered Headstones arranged and expressed as Ghetto community 
  1. The History
    Recollection of Shanghai Jewish Community’s Important Events and Dates
    Features “Hundred Trees at Memorial Pathway”

B. Inspiration

“The Legacy of Jewish Community in Shanghai”

C.  Features
  1. Plan layout consists of 300 squares, symbolically represents approximately the 30,000 Jewish settlers to Shanghai from 1930’s to 40’s. A multiple of 1.5 to 2.0 meters square concrete blocks incorporated to paving, seating and planters. Each block signifies group of individuals who contributed to Jewish heritage to unified community in Shanghai Jewish Ghetto.
  2. Seven Monumental Granite Pillars in its welcoming gesture stands for Seven Synagogues that were built in old Shanghai.
  3. Feature Waterway that meanders through series of Headstone concrete blocks implies a metaphorical statement – “a path searching for home”.
Many thanks to the family of the late Mr Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.
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