Carved History is an artistic and conceptual show where the artists/architects are free to use their creative imagination in designing the memorial place. For this project they are not limited by the details of location, size, materials or budget as they typically encounter. However two requests have been made: one is to use the recovered headstones, and the other is that the general location of the memorial site shall be within the area known as the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto In the city’s Hongkou district.

Participating Architects:

Jeb Beresford

James Brearly BAU
Edgar Budoy EDAW
Silas Chiow SOM
Christopher Choa HLW
Corvin Matei Matei Studio
Milan Pitlach AAI
Tim Schwager SPG
Ben Wood Wood&Zapata

Sponsored By:

Many thanks to the family of the late Mr Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.
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