James Brearley B.A.U.
The memorial takes the form of an inverted grave-mound. It is a barge with on fixed address. The dialectic nature of burial-without-ground echoes the uneasy history of the Jewish immigrants of c.20 Shanghai.Floating enables freedoms but at the same time creates discommections and impermanence. Mooring and docking the memorial in different contexts produces an array of dialogues. A final resting place for the barge might be a land-locked body of water. October 4,2004
James Brearley established B.A.U.Intermational(Brearley Architects +Urbanists www.bau.com.au)in Melbourne, Australia in 1992 and China in 2001.Recent Shanghai Constructions Include: the Jin Qiao Green Sports Center, Pudong; the Twisted Top“Mobius”Tower in Jing An; and the Light +Shade Serpentine pavilion in San-Lin, Pudong.
Many thanks to the family of the late Mr Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.
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