Silas Chiow SOM

An appropriate memorial for these “found” gravestones should provide the visitors the sense of search and discovery. The space and place should be both contemplative and suspending.
We would like to place a memorial at each of the four original grave sites to provide its own distinct quality. Each memorial will have the same key elements or kit of parts.



Silas Chiow
AIA, Architect. SOM Director of Greater China, Shanghai. Winner of multiple international competitions: The Third International Yokohama Urban Design competition, Taipei International Telephone Booth Competition, Pittsburgh Urban Housing Design Competition, AIA Urban Design Award for Hong Kong  Waterfront. Received Architecture Degree from Washington University in St. Louis and trained under SOM Partner David Childs. Built Works in New York, an Francisco, St. Louis, Washington Dc, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Many thanks to the family of the late Mr Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.
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