Jeb Beresford ALSOP

For every tombstone recovered, a new sculptural seed is sown in the City.
Scattered across Shanghai, new memorials arise in honour of the forgotten.
       These are gifts to the people of Shanghai.
              Each one will tell a unique story about a unique time, place and individual.
              Each one will be designed by an artist and carry a name from a tombstone
              Each one will be a functional part of daily life
                     They are not simply memorials.
                                   They are objects of celebration...

Inspired by a series of stories, each Sculptural Seed will create new memories in the fabric of the City
The Sculptural Seeds will include useful objects such as: Bicycle Stand / Telephone Kiosk / Chair / Sun-Shade / Flower Seat / Information Kiosk / Drinking Fountain / Bench / Night Light / Air Filter / Solar Fan / Flower Garden / Street Light / Traffic Light / Rain Shelter / Planter / Cooling Mirror / Planter
These new memories are made in remembrance of those from the past who have shaped the present

Celebrating the City of Shanghai as a place of Diversity.
Celebrating the City of Shanghai as a place of Harmony.

Many thanks to the family of the late Mr Alfred Harris of Wimbledon, England.
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